School Closing Procedures

When it is necessary to close school because of emergency/weather conditions, you will receive a Connect-Ed phone call from the Superintendent of Schools.  It is of vital importance that we have your most up-to-date phone number on file, please let the office know as soon as possible if you have a phone number change at any point during the school year. The main reason for called off any session of school will be a regard for pupil safety. The Norwood Public Schools have three options for school closings in case of storm emergencies:

  1. Closing school all day
    Generally, when school is closed all day after school activities are cancelled.
  2. Delaying the opening of school by one or two hours
    The length of the delay will be broadcast during the no school announcements.  If the delayed opening option is in effect, elementary school children are to report to school one or two hours later; that is, 9:40 a.m. or 10:40 a.m. Bus students will be picked up by the buses at the regular stops one or two hours later also. In cases of delayed openings, parents are advised to use their own discretion in keeping their child home from school or school events during inclement weather.
  3. Early dismissal
    Dismissal of students during the school day is very rare. This option would be chosen only if severe weather conditions occur once the students have arrived at school or for other emergencies such as loss of heat, water, etc.

In the event that the Superintendent chooses one of these options, the information will be broadcast over the following radio or TV stations:

  • WBZ -1030 AM
  • Channel 4
  • WCVB
  • Channel 5
  • WRKO-680 AM
  • Channel 7
  • Local Access
  • Channel 8 or 23
  • FOX TV
  • Channel 10 or 13
  • Norwood Educational Cable
  • Channel 12 or 22


When the entire school is dismissed early by authority of the Superintendent, all attempts will be made to notify parents through phone calls, the media and other available sources of public information. Parents who work or are not at home should make arrangements for the care of their child when school is dismissed.