Summer Math







This summer the Norwood Elementary Math and Technology departments are bringing your child an exciting and interactive Math program to help your child maintain their strong skills and hit the ground running in September!

Our efforts for this program are focused on

  • encouraging continued practice throughout the summer,
  • developing students' skill with technology as an instructional tool,
  • providing students with a readiness to succeed in future mathematics, and
  • reducing costs for paper copies.

The video below has been shared with students and explains the summer math program:

There are three important documents that guide student's participation in summer math this year.  

The first document is the Summer Math Activity Menu. This document will guide students in choosing math activities that will keep their skills sharp!  

Students will keep track of their hard work on the second document, the Summer Math Log.  


The third document, Fact Fluency Guide, will help to explain what facts we expect students to master at each grade level.  These documents were sent home with students.  Additional copies may be downloaded by clicking the blue boxes above.

Addition flash cards may be downloaded here.  Multiplication flash cards may be downloaded here.

Click on your child's next year's grade level to download a special summer math game!



Thank you very much for your support with this important initiative,

Jill K. Milton                                               Joe Kidd                                           Alexander Wyeth
Elementary Math Coordinator                       Director of Technology                       Assistant Superintendent
Norwood Public Schools                              Norwood Public Schools                    Norwood Public Schools