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                     Norwood Public Schools Summer School, 2017

Just a reminder that all programs start on Wednesday July 5th!

                  SUMMER MATTERS


The Norwood Public School district is proud to announce the establishment of a new and exciting summer opportunity for your child entering grades 1-5 in the fall.  This experience is designed for students who would benefit from a continuation of learning opportunities to ensure a successful transition to the next grade.

Highly qualified teachers will provide instruction in literacy and numeracy concepts, including reading readiness, literacy skills of comprehension and writing, hands on mathematics, organizational skills and cooperative games.  English as a Second Language services will be provided for ESL students.

The program will be held at the Coakley Middle School - 1315 Washington Street – from 8:30 until noon, beginning on July 5th and ending on August 7th at noon.  This is a Monday through Thursday program.  No classes will be held on Fridays.

The cost of the program is $208 for the 19 days of the program.  Full payment is required at the time of registration, and please note that we can only accept personal checks, or money orders.  Scholarships are available.  Please contact your building principal for specifics.

Registration is on a first come first served basis. Registration and medical forms can be downloaded by clicking on the following link:  /curriculum/documents/summermattersfinalregform2016.pdf  The forms must be mailed to Dr. Crowley by May 1st, 2017 to reserve your child’s place.  For your convenience, walk in registration will be held on May 3rd and May 4th in the Main Lobby of Norwood High School from 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm.

Mail registration forms to:

Dr. Michael Crowley                         [email protected]

C/O Norwood High School              781-440-5929

245 Nichols Street

Norwood, MA 02062

We also offer supervised afternoon daycare (subject to adequate enrollment) from 12:00 until 6pm, for each of the 19 days, for an additional cost of $297 per child.   Please contact Dr. Michael Crowley, Summer School Director at 781-440-5929, for details.

If you are interested in Middle or High School Academic Courses, please read below.


Dear Parents/Guardians of Middle and High School students:

In the next few weeks, some of your sons/daughters will be looking for academic or enrichment courses to take during the summer months this year. I am pleased to announce that our Summer Academy 2016 will run down at the air conditioned Coakley Middle School location this summer. I am also very pleased to announce that for the tenth consecutive year, the tuition will remain frozen at $208 per course.

The Norwood Summer Academy Program is tuition driven, and all courses are offered subject to adequate funding and enrollment, so please be sure to register early!

Our Summer Program will run for a total of 19 days: Monday through Thursday each week, from Tuesday July 5th through Monday August 7th at noon. No Summer School on Fridays; 8:30 am to noon, each day.

If your child received a Summer Matters registration form from their school, please follow the instructions found on that form in order to submit it.

Walk-in Registration for our middle and high school academic courses will take place in Room 202 at the Coakley Middle School, from 10am to noon on the following days: 

Wednesday June 28th

Thursday June 29th

Friday June 30th

Please call Dr. Crowley at 781-440-5929, if any questions.

For middle and high school students looking for academic courses this summer, the Comprehensive List of Courses we will offer this summer can be found by clicking on the Comprehensive Course Schedule link to the left.

For registration information, click on the How to Register link to the left.

If you don’t have access to a computer, please call Dr. Crowley at 781-440-5929, and he will get the registration forms to you.

Please note that Middle and High School students must present a valid picture ID from the school they attended this year, at the time of registration, in order to register for our Academic Academy. Mail-in registrations must contain a photocopy of the student’s picture ID from the school they are currently attending. For academic courses, Norwood students must satisfy our district’s eligibility requirements. Middle and High School students should check with their guidance counselor before registering for any Summer Academy courses. No refunds will be given after Friday July 1st at Noon.

Mail-in registrations for middle and high school academic courses will be accepted up until Wednesday June 28th at noon. All mail-in registrations must be postmarked before 11:59 pm on Sunday June 25th in order to reach us before the deadline.

Full payment is required at the time of registration, and please note that we can only accept personal checks, or money orders payable to the Town of Norwood.

Please consider our Summer Academy for any of your students who may need academic or enrichment courses this year.

Please don’t hesitate to leave me a message at 781-440-5929, or email me at [email protected]if I may be of further assistance.


Michael Crowley. Ed.D.

Summer Program Director

Norwood Public Schools