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SAT Word of the DayDISCREPANCY difference, mismatch (noun)

First Known Use: circa 1623

Discrepancies in the firm's financial statements led to an investigation.


NOVA investigates what happened in Flint Michigan below

National corporate funding for NOVA is provided by 23andMe. Major funding for NOVA is provided by the David H. Koch Fund for Science, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and public television viewers. © 2017 WGBH Educational Foundation

NOAA Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration "All life on Earth relies on the ocean-- yet, the ocean is 95 percent unexplored, unknown and unseen by human eyes..."

Did you know?

     These snails were seen on a hydrothermal vent field at
Chamorro Seamount that was discovered during the Okeanos Explorer 2016 Deepwater Exploration of the Marianas expedition. The R/V Falkor returned to Chamorro to further characterize the new vents in December 2016. 
Image courtesy of NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research, 2016 Deepwater Exploration of the Marianas.

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" 1912, the labor protest later known as the "Bread and Roses" strike began in Lawrence. A new state law had reduced the maximum workweek from 56 to 54 hours. Factory owners responded by speeding up production and cutting workers' pay. Polish women were the first to shut down their looms and leave the mill..."  more                                            

 'Forget calories, focus on food quality'

Did you resolve to lose weight in 2017?
David Ludwig offers some simple advice.




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