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Welcome to Coding!



Introduction video - learn why this is important

Hour of Code - all of the links wrapped up in one        

Disney Infinity - create a game that can be played on a phone

Code Monster - try this Javascript program

Blockly games - pick a topic and see what you can do

Angry Bird game - move the bird around the maze

LightBot - game using logic

Tynker - pick a game at your grade level, see how well you do.

Cheese-sniffer - play this game against a friend, see which mouse wins.

Scratch - think you got it? Try this.

Made with code - code a movie scene

Pencil Code - use a combination of block and text to code (not required to login unless you want to save your work)

Playfic - story based programming game. Explore this tutorial first - then create your own if you want.

Code Monster - using JavaScript to code

Khan Academy - using Java Script to create a snowman

Music project - beginner - use code to change notes and speed of music

Yeti - beginner - program the Yedi to dance

LED Dress - intermediate - design a light up dress