Norwood Public Schools Technology Department

Vision for Technology in the Norwood Public Schools 

The vision for the Norwood Public Schools Technology Plan is to create a technology-rich teaching and learning environment that encourages collaboration, communication, innovation, and achieves academic and professional proficiency for all students and teachers respectively.  We believe students and teachers should be able to use technology to:

  • Enhance teaching and learning to meet the learning needs and styles of all students 
  • Engage in learning anytime, anyplace
  • Procure, research, organize and share information
  • Think critically and solve problems
  • Innovate and create new ideas 
  • Express themselves effectively and creatively
  • Collaborate with other students and teachers anywhere in the world

Through our strategic plan, we are aiming to build a technology ecosystem that is equitable, collaborative, always-on and available everywhere.   Technology is not the only tool, but it is a critical tool that needs to be used proficiently in order for students to graduate from the Norwood Public Schools with the skills to succeed in college and in an increasingly competitive global workforce.