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Science Expectations

Grade 7 Blue Team

It is with great pleasure and excitement that I welcome you and your child to 7th grade science. As a parent of two grade school children I know firsthand how nerve wrecking a new year can be and how essential it is for your child to feel safe and welcome in their new learning environment. I am fully committed to making this a great year and I look forward to helping your child feel challenged, learn and succeed. Educating your child is a partnership, your support and communication from home is greatly appreciated. Please take your time to carefully read through the important reference information outlined below.   

This year your child will have many opportunities for investigation, cooperative and hands-on learning. The 7th grade science curriculum incorporates principles surrounding Physical, Solar and Biological Sciences in accordance with the Massachusetts frameworks.


Prentice Hall Science Explorer Series (book accessible online)


Needed by each student everyday

  • 1 composition notebook (marble notebook)
  • writing utensils (pencils, blue or black ink only)
  • 1 homework folder (can be same for all subjects)
  • 4 colored folders with 3 metal fasteners (Blue, Red, Green and Yellow)
  • red pen(s)

Grading Policy

In 7th grade science class grades are not given they are earned. Grading is calculated based on your performance in the following areas: tests, quizzes, homework, class participation and labs/activities.


*Homework will be given most nights. It is the student’s responsibility to copy the assignment into his/her agenda. Homework assignments will be graded for both accuracy and completion using the following rubric:

V++ Outstanding = Must be in on time, complete and of high quality (neat, proper spelling/grammar, proper heading, done in pencil or blue or black ink)

V + Satisfactory

V Needs Improvement

V-Unsatisfactory/ Incomplete

0 No Credit

  • Students are expected to complete their daily homework assignments. Students will earn a ZERO for any missed assignments. Late assignments will be accepted at the teachers discretion.  
  • Homework may include but not be limited to science reading and/or questions, summaries, outlines, project work, lab work, studying for quizzes/tests, and other science related material.
  • If absent the STUDENT is responsible for gathering missed materials. Missed work can be found in the class “What Did I Miss” folder or weekly paper organizer. Failure to make up missed assignments for an absence will result in a grade of zero for the missing work. (Note: Special arrangements and considerations may be made for long term illnesses, not vacation).
  • Typically lab activities cannot be made up during the class day- please try to keep absences to a minimum, as you are responsible for all material covered.


  • In addition to homework and class work, quizzes and tests are tools used to assess student understanding and knowledge of the material being covered and are given at the end of each section/chapter. Announced and unannounced quizzes are often given to not only check student understanding but hold them accountable for work completed at home and in the classroom.
  • If you are absent on a test/quiz day, you are expected to make up the assessment on the next science make up day (not to exceed one week). Failure to make up missed assessments within a timely manner will result in a zero.  

Extra Credit/ Extra Help

  • Extra credit will be given only to students who have completed ALL regular assignments and have shown excellent effort. Extra credit is not always offered. In addition to Mustang Block, I am happy to make arrangements to stay with any child that needs extra help after school. Each circumstance for extra help is unique to each student and should be discussed and prearranged.

Cheating/ Plagiarism

  • Any student caught cheating in class or on a homework assignment will receive an automatic zero for the copied assignment/assessment. Any student that allows another student to copy their work is also guilty of cheating and will receive a zero.

If you have any questions and/or concerns throughout the year the best way to reach me is via email. I would also highly recommend often visiting my teacher website for assignments, class announcements and agenda, signing up for Remind Text messages as well as ASPEN for the most up to date information regarding your students academic progress.

Contact Info

E-mail address- akelley@norwood.k12.ma.us