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Professional Learning Plans and Procedures for Norwood Public Schools

This page is maintained by Dr. Alexander Wyeth, Assistant Superintendent for the Norwood Public Schools. Suggestions for improvement are always welcome.

Below are links to your respective PL plans for our scheduled in-service time for this year.

The activities identified for this professional learning time have been determined by the district's administration based on the District's Strategic Improvement Plan, driven by student performance data and input from educators.

All educators are strongly encouraged to let their supervisors (principal, directors, department chairs) and/or Dr. Wyeth know what PL you would like offered that would improve your practice and enhance student learning by completing surveys that are administered periodically and/or by completing the live Request/Suggestion Form link below.  Also, please take the time to give feedback on workshops that are offered by completing the Workshop Feedback form in TeachPoint PD Tracking. Thank you.

To sign up for your scheduled in-service day event, go to your TeachPoint account and select the event in Available Events. If you decide not to attend, be sure to withdraw in My Activities. Also, be sure to complete a feedback form for the event in My Activities after the event in order to get PDPs.
  • What Do I Need To Do if I want to Take a Professional Day?
  • Accessing your past PD activities in Aspen: Log into your Aspen account; click on "Staff View" at top right (drop down); choose the "My Info" tab on left; click on "PD Plans" side tab and choose "activities." You will see all that was transferred from iPass. If you have questions, call Stephanie in the Tech Office, x5843.

Travel/Conference Requests & Reimbursement Procedures

Procedure for Graduate Course Reimbursement--Advanced Approval of Professional Study (AAPS)-The "Blue Form." Note: If you want, once completed and approved by the Superintendent's Office, you can add your graduate credits into TeachPoint for your own record for recertification purposes. Entering the information into TeachPoint does NOT replace the AAPS process.

Norwood's Professional Learning Goal: To provide all staff with best practice professional learning activities that are embedded, sustained, and connected to educators' and students' needs.

Food for Thought:

  1. "Strategic planning efforts and whole school reform efforts have been ineffective because planning cycles are too long and implementation is too complex and cumbersome, leading to fragmentation and overload.  School reform experts recommend that small groups of teachers (professionals) work collaboratively on relatively short-term goals" (PDK EDge, Sept/Oct 2005). This approach will fit nicely with our new educator evaluation system where teams of teachers can work together on a SMART goal to improve student learning or their own practice.
  2. "Start here for improving teaching and learning...[it] starts with a group of teachers who meet regularly as a team to identify essential and valued student learning, develop common formative assessments, analyze current levels of achievement, set achievement goals, and then share and create lessons to improve upon those levels... Importantly, there must be an expectation that this collaborative effort will produce ongoing improvement--and gains in achievement.  If there is anything that the research community agrees on it is this: The right kind of continuous, structured teacher collaboration improves the quality of teaching and pays big, often immediate, dividends in student learning and professional morale in virtually any setting" (Mike Schmoker, Results NOW, ASCD, 2006).
  3. We are the sum total of our choices, day to day, minute to minute. Are we making high impact choices: ones that help ourselves and others make a difference in the lives of others?

Going forward: SEI Endorsement Requirements:

"Starting on July 1, 2016, any core academic teacher who is assigned an English learner must either have an SEI Endorsement or must earn one within one calendar year of the date of the assignment." (DESE)

Pathways to Earning the SEI Endorsement, 7/11/17

  • Memo from DESE's RETELL site
  • Info from MTA on this topic
  • Definition of CORE teacher: The following teachers are "core academic teachers" for purposes of providing SEI instruction: • Teachers of students with moderate disabilities; • Teachers of students with severe disabilities; • Subject-area teachers in English, reading or language arts; mathematics, science; civics and government, economics, history, and geography; and early childhood and elementary teachers who teach such content.
  • If you do not yet have your porofessional license, you need to focus on that alone. Your licensing agency will need to tell you if your licensing program will meet the new SEI-RETELL and Special Ed requirements.
  • For more information see the DESE 2015 Recertification Guidelines Addendum.
  • NOTE: All core subject educators who have completed the coursework and qualify for the SEI Endorsement must apply for the endorsement via ELAR no matter which route they have taken to get endorsed. Applying is free and only takes a minute. Complete your SEI Endorsement application online by logging in at http://www.mass.gov/edu/gateway/.
  • If you are a core academic teacher, as defined above, who was part of the SY2013-16 cohort years, and you have not earned the endorsement before August 31, 2016, you will not be eligible to renew, advance, or extend your core academic license(s) until you earn the SEI Endorsement. The lack of an endorsement may effect your employability. After July 1, 2016, any non-endorsed core academic teacher who is assigned an ELL student will have one year from the time of that assignment to earn the endorsement or risk non-renewal. Passing the SEI MTEL (cost of $185) is another route to SEI Endorsement.
  • Professional License Renewal Requirements for ALL EDUCATORS: If your professional license renewal date is on or after July 1, 2016, the following PDP requirements will be in effect, even if you choose to renew before your renewal date:
    • 60 PDPs in content.
    • 30 PDPs in pedagogy or content.
    • 15 PDPs in English as a Second Language or Sheltered English Immersion. See TEC offering below.
    • 15 PDPs in teaching students with diverse learning styles (special education). See TEC offering below.
    • 30 PDPS elective.
    • SEI Endorsement courses may count as content-area PDPs.
    • Educators who completed a DESE SEI Endorsement course and have more than 150 PDPs may “roll over” excess SEI PDPs one time.
  • If you are a non-CORE teacher with a professional license that needs to be renewed on or after July 1, 2016, it is required that you complete 15 hours (15 PDPs) of training in SEI and in Special education. Click here for all information for Non-CORE teachers. TEC has developed online courses for both SEI and special education (15 PDPs each) that are now available. See below.

ELL & Special Ed Recertification Course Offerings (15 PDPs each) via TEC

ELL and Special Ed educators can take these courses and count them toward their 60 required content PDPs for their primary licenses.

Thanks to our investment with TEC, Norwood educators are now able to enroll in TEC's ELL and SPED online recertification courses (15 PDPs each) at no cost. Please use your school/district email address to access these no-cost to you courses.

The registration form has been programmed to recognize the districts who have sponsored the three courses and allow staff members to proceed at no-cost, as long as they use their school email address. Register for each in the green banners below.

Course #1: Strategies to Enhance Instruction for English Language Learners in the Classroom

In this course, participants will review and explore teaching strategies to support English language learners. Participants will also explore technology resources that can support English language learners within the classroom.

For more information or a complete syllabus: http://courses.edtechleaders.org/tec/tec_ell/tec_details.html

Register for this 15 PDP online ELL course

Course #2: Engaging All Students with Differentiated Instruction

Participants in this course will explore many strategies and tools that will help them to plan lessons so that all students are appropriately challenged and supported. Participants will also explore technology tools that will facilitate instruction of students with diverse learning needs and strategies to differentiate assessment.

For more information or a complete syllabus: http://courses.edtechleaders.org/tec/tec_diffinst/tec_details.html

Register for this 15 PDP online Special Ed Course.

Another Special Education PDP option: DESE 15 hour web-based and self-paced course: Foundations for Inclusive Practice

Behavioral Health and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) 15 Hour, 4 Module Course via TEC

Educators may sign up for one or more of these modules in any order, and they can be taken at different times. A certificate will be generated for each module completed:

  1. Helping Students Manage Stress and Anxiety (4 hours)
  2. Preventing and Addressing Bullying In and Out of School (4 hours)
  3. Creating Supportive and Safe Learning Environments for LGBTQ Students (4 hours)
  4. Suicide Prevention and Postvention (2 hours)

More information or a complete syllabus.

Register for one or more modules in this 15 PDP online SEL course.


This course is also being offered for one credit through Worcester State University with TEC’s Dr. Janet Buerklin and Moira Rogers as the instructors. Staff can elect this credit option for $165 through the link below.

COURSE CREDIT LINK : https://teccoop.wufoo.com/forms/z1gom8pe14uob5o/?

If you are interested in electing graduate credit for the cost of $165, you must do so and submit your final project to projects@tec-coop.org by these dates:

  • Fall Semester: November 15
  • Spring Semester: April 15th
  • Summer Session: July 15th

For more information click here.

PDPs and Recertification (Please Read):

For recertification purposes, PDPs earned outside of our inservice days are the sole responsibility of each individual to keep track of. Keep reading.

An educator only needs to earn PDPs if s/he holds an active professional license from Mass DESE that needs to be renewed at end of 5 year period as indicated and dated on the educator’s current license. The recertification process is educator driven and is based on the honor system. Norwood’s administration only gives PDPs and enters them in iPass if we run the courses, workshops, etc., on district time (paid by Norwood and delivered in Norwood). Any educator can take PD activities on his or her own (online or off) and count the time/PDPs toward recertification as one sees fit and as allowed by the DESE Regulations (per Recertification Guidelines of 2000: http://www.doe.mass.edu/recert/2000guidelines/guidelines.pdf ), BUT if you get audited (and you might), you will need to be able to prove you took and completed the listed activities, that it fits your recertification needs/requirements, and that there was new learning involved.  Also, your PDPs need to tie to one or more of your Individual Professional Development Goals that need to tie to one or more of the district's goals. I suggest that you keep a personal folder for all your valid PDP evidence. You should refer to and access the PD documents and forms listed in the chart below.

How many PDPs are needed: 150 in primary areas of certification (120 minimum in content/pedagogy, with minimum of 90 in content). Activities must be grouped under an appropriate topic for your respective content area in units of no fewer than 10 hours/PDPs over the 5 year period. Curriculum Development PDPs: 15 PDPs per unit max with no more than 60 PDPs for 5 year period.

How do I know what I can count for my re-licensure? It depends on your specific license. Go to http://www.doe.mass.edu/lawsregs/603cmr7.html?section=06 for details. Then to http://www.mass.gov/edu/government/departments-and-boards/ese/programs/educator-effectiveness/licensure/academic-prek-12/academic-pre-k-12-forms.html

In general: 1 PDP per hour of new learning. If new learning is at graduate level (for graduate credit), then you get 1.5 PDPs per hour of learning. If you are a PD instructor, then you can get 2 PDPs per hour of instruction, for the first time the course is delivered only in five year period. For more details, see DESE's Recertification Guides link above.

About iPass & PDPs: Every educator/specialist is given an iPass account when they are hired. If you do not know how to access your iPass account, contact Randi Johnson in the Technology Office. iPass has a Professional Development section under "My Data" that is used to keep track of any district run (in district) professional development activities. Educators who attend an in district workshop or course are given PDPs by the Assistant Superintendent for their work and this is entered into iPass for the educator's future reference for recertification. We do not enter any other (out of district) professional development activities into iPass. Each educator must keep their own records for this work, and it is advised that they do so for in-district work as well.

Please note when you receive an e-mail with "Re: Professional Development Update:  You have been signed up for Professional Development Program W14_______", this is a computer generated e-mail for Professional Development you have already completed that was recently entered into iPass.  There is nothing you need to do.

PD data was entered into iPass beginning in 2008, not before. iPass is no longer used for signing up for a PD activity.

List of Norwood educators who can lead professional development training or workshops in various areas:

If you and a group of your colleagues are interested in being trained by one of our educators listed above, please ask your supervisor if arrangements can be made through Dr. Wyeth. We can try to find time during our scheduled in-service time or outside of the school day.

DESE Professional Development Website

Some links to Area Professional Development sites

As Norwood Public Schools is a member of TEC, you are strongly encouraged to take advantage of TEC workshops.  However, if you find a useful workshop that is not offered by TEC at ACCEPT or EDCO, you should speak with your supervisor about attending and follow the normal workshop request procedures for approval prior to registering for any workshop.

Licensure and Degree Programs and Online Courses

(There are many others you can find online, but these are a few that have approached Norwood. If you would like others to be included here, please let me know.):

Licensure Requirements & MTELs

List of Professional Development Forms and DESE Guidelines

Forms have been provided in both PDF and Microsoft Word format. Right mouse button on the Word link, and select 'Save As' to save to your computer. You will then be able to use Microsoft Word to fill out the form. If you want to print the form and fill it in, choose the PDF format and then print.

Form Name Format of File
DESE Regulations for Licensure, 9/22/15 Link
DESE Recertification Guidelines: January 2000 PDF

Sheet



PD Activity Reflections Form



Professional Day Summary Form



Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP) Forms: DESE (PDF); MTA (Word) PDF Word
PDP Record Sheet for Multiple Activities PDF Word
PDP Activity Log for Work on One Topic PDF Word
Linking Professional Development Activities Form PDF Word
Course Approval Application PDF Word
Action Research Plan PDF Word
Mentor Mentee Meeting Log   Word

Summer Work Proposal



Hourly Time Sheet for Pre-Approved Curriculum Development Stipends



  • Helping Students Manage Stress and Anxiety (4 hours)
  • Preventing and Addressing Bullying In and Out of School (4 hours)
  • Creating Supportive and Safe Learning Environments for LGBTQ Students (4 hours)
  • Suicide Prevention and Postvention (2 hours)