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20 Ways to Find a Good Book

  1. Read a book because the cover looks cool (be honest, that's what you do most of the time).
  2. If you liked a book, see if that author has written any more books.
  3. Look for a series of books that looks good (hint: on the shelves series will usually be lined up next to each other, often with numbers on the spine). That will you give a lot of books to read. Just make sure to read them in order, they are going to be WAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY better that way.
  4. Ask a friend what books they like.
  5. Ask your older brother or sister what books they liked when they were your age.
  6. Ask your parents what books they liked when they were your age (can't guarantee I'll have them, but it still might be interesting). 
  7. Decide on a genre of books and ask Mr. Reuland for some good books in that genre or try looking it up (doesn't always work, but often does).
  8. Think about the last book you read that you really liked. Now think about what you liked about that book. Now ask Mr. Reuland for a book that has the thing you liked.
  9. Just ask Mr. Reuland for a good book. Not as useful as #8, as you may or may not like the same kinds of books as Mr. Reuland does.
  10. Read something from our library's Top Ten list.
  11. Go toKidsReads.com. It's a website of book reviews for kids and by kids.
  12. Boys, go to Guysread.com. Scroll to the bottom. They have lots of books by categories such as Robots, Dragons and How to Build Stuff.
  13. Read a book because it won the Caldecott Medal (best picture book).
  14. Read a book because it won the Newberry Medal (best kid's chapter book).
  15. Did you see a movie you liked? See if it was a book first. If it wasn't, then maybe Mr. Reuland could think of a book like it
  16. Did you particularly like the pictures in a book? Find other books that the illustrator made the pictures for by doing a keyword search for their name.
  17. Check out the books Mr. Reuland put out on the display table. They are either new to the library or related to what we are talking about in library class.
  18. Did you learn something interesting at school? Maybe you can learn more about it. See if we have a non-fiction book about the topic..
  19. Is there a non-fiction topic you particularly like? See if there is a story that involves that topic by keyword searching that word and adding the word 'fiction'. (i.e. baseball fiction or cat fiction or shark fiction)
  20. Try something totally different every once in awhile! The worse thing that could happen is you won't love it. You don't have to finish it if you don't like it after a chapter or two.