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Incoming Sixth Grade
Summer Reading Assignment

Schooled by Gordan Korman OR Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli


Choose one of the two novels to read for the assignment. You will be handing in the two-column notes for your assignment. Use the “Characterization Two-Column Notes” sheet to complete the following directions.

  • Choose one character from the novel that you read.
  • Then, for that character, determine 3 character traits to describe him/her. (Remember that character traits are adjectives and describe a character’s personality not his/her physical appearance.)
  • For each character trait, write a sentence(s) from each section of the novel that supports the trait and be sure to include the page number. The section break down is listed below. Remember, the sentences should be copied exactly from the text, word for word. The evidence should not be put into your own words. (See example below.)
Schooled Sections Stargirl Sections

Section 1: Chapters 1-7
Section 2: Chapters 8-15
Section 3: Chapters 16-22
Section 4: Chapters 23-31

Section 1: Chapters 1-10
Section 2: Chapters 11-17
Section 3: Chapters 18-25
Section 4: Chapters 26-End

Click here for a printable copy of the Grade 6 Summer Reading Assignment: Characterization Two-Column Notes

What are the assignments? When must they be completed?

  1. TWO-COLUMN NOTES - Handed in on the first day of class
  2. IN-CLASS OPEN RESPONSE - Completed in school

** A grade for each assignment will be incorporated into the first term average. Two-Column notes are part of classroom contribution, and the paragraph is worth a minor assessment.


Character Name: Mrs. Donnelly

Trait Evidence (Sentence/Quote from Schooled to Support Trait)
  • Section 1: “I felt terrible for poor Cap. It was hard enough for him to come out of total isolation at Garland without having to be dropped into the snake pit that was middle school.”_Pg. # 46
  • Section 2: ________________________________________________ Pg. # ___
  • Section 3: ________________________________________________ Pg. # ___
  • Section 4: ________________________________________________ Pg. # ___