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Welcome Message From the Principal  

2021/2022 School Year

As I watched our students arrive on the first day of school, I was struck by the positive excitement and anticipation. There were some moments of trepidation, but overall the collaborative and supportive nature of our community prevailed and we had an amazing start. Together we shepherded back our entire community and are "whole" again. Thank you to every member of our school community. Staff, parents, families and students all worked together to make this transition a positive and exciting one

Our work now is to continue this momentum and ensure the safety of all members of the school community (Please review the information regarding COVID and social distancing below). An important aspect of feeling safe falls in the realm of emotions. Students (and adults) learn best when they are in "emotional neutral". This is the state of mind that allows students to retain, retrieve and synthesize information. The good news is that Oldham is already a community school with a culture based on collaboration and caring. However, we know there is more we can do. So, a group of Oldham educators came together this summer and looked at our Social Emotional Learning curriculum and our TROT expectations (see below) to develop a plan. For example, these first few weeks, we are focusing on building routines and getting to know each other while also teaching school wide language. For an example, ask your child to show you our volume levels. The goal is to all use the same positive language/signals to convey expectations. Soon we will begin to focus on each of the school wide expectations by teaching students what they mean and what they look like in various locations around the school. Simultaneously, the classroom meetings will include lessons that support our goals as they build relationships and skills around problem solving.

We would love your support in this work. So, I will be periodically sending families an outline of our plans and providing you with some ideas on how to support that work at home. For now, it would be helpful to have general conversations with your child around the TROT expectations in preparation for our upcoming plans.

Again, thank you to everyone for making this school so amazing. It takes a community to lift a school and we appreciate your strength and support in that effort.

With appreciation,

Steven Olsen, Principal

2020/2021 School Year

I am so excited to join your community and to partner with you in the education of your child(ren).  I know when I was sending my children off to school, I wanted to make sure that the professionals knew how to teach my child, but also wanted to make sure they knew how to take care of my child. I needed to trust that my boys were getting the best education they possibly could AND were happy in the process.  From my short time in the district, I can say that the staff at Oldham know how to do both of these things! 

My goal during these first months will be to build relationships and  trust with parents and other members of the Oldham community. I have been an educator for over 24 years, and a principal for 15 years and most of my career has been spent in Elementary Schools. I have, of course, spent a lot of time and energy focused on how children learn and how to create the best learning environments for student success. I have come to believe that the recipe for a successful school environment includes a deep understanding of each individual child and their needs, an overall feeling of safety, a joyful and engaging approach to learning, and a collaborative environment where all involved are working together. I believe my job is to make sure those established ingredients are nurtured and supported. 

I am excited to meet all members of our school community.  You can expect to see me often. You will see me at lunch and recess getting to know each individual child. You will experience me greeting you in the morning and saying goodbye in the afternoon. Most importantly, you will find me whenever you need me, there to make sure we are working together to create the best learning experience for your child.  You can reach me by phone at 781-440-5961 or email me at solsen@norwood.k12.ma.


Steven E. Olsen

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