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Transition from Early Intervention

A child receiving services through an Early Intervention (EI) agency may transition into the Norwood Public Schools (NPS) on his/her 3rd birthday, provided he/she qualifies for special education as determined through the following process.

1. The Early Intervention agency facilitates a release of records and a request for an evaluation to the Norwood Public Schools.

  • This can happen up to 6 months prior to the child’s 3rd birthday.
  • The Early Intervention agency will mail a packet to the Norwood Public Schools on behalf of the family which contains the request and relevant records on the child.

2. Within 5 days of receiving the packet at the NPS, a notification letter of receipt will be sent to the family. The letter provides information about the next steps in the process.

3. Within 3 months of the child’s 3rd birthday, a “consent to evaluate” packet will be mailed to the family from the NPS, seeking permission to evaluate in areas of need.

  • Potential areas of evaluation may include: Developmental/Educational, Speech and Language, Visual Fine/Sensory Motor, and/or Gross Motor, and, if necessary, Psychological or Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA).
  • Parent input, as well as reports from Early Intervention, helps to determine which developmental areas to evaluate.
  • The parent must sign and return the consent form in order for the process to continue. No evaluation can occur without signed consent from the child’s parent or guardian.

4. The Early Childhood Team Chair will also provide the family with information about the evaluation appointment and the Initial Team meeting times at the Little Mustags Preschool Academy.

5. The NPS Early Childhood Team Chair will connect with the Early Intervention Service Coordinator to establish a Transition Conference Planning Meeting time and an observation if appropriate.

  •  At the Transition Conference Planning Meeting, the NPS Early Childhood Team Chair will provide the family with information on the preschool transition process, including but not limited to a program brochure, a transition packet, and options if the child does not qualify for special education.
  • An EI service delivery or playgroup session will be observed by a NPS preschool staff member, usually the Early Childhood Team Chair.
  • The service delivery session and Transition Conference Planning Meeting may coincide.

6.  The child is evaluated by the necessary specialist(s) within 30 school days of the receipt of the signed “consent to evaluate.”

7. An Initial Team meeting is scheduled and held at least a month before the child’s 3rd birthday.

  • Parents, NPS preschool staff and specialists, and Early Intervention specialists/service coordinators are invited to attend.
  • The meeting is held at the Little Mustangs Preschool Academy James R. Savage Center 275 Prospect Street Norwood.
  • For late referrals, every effort is made to hold the meeting prior to the child’s 3rd birthday, but it must occur within 45 days of the signed consent.

8. Reports are available to parents two days prior to the meeting date to allow time to review the results. Reports can be picked up at the Little Mustangs Preschool Academy.

9.  Findings at the Initial Team meeting may include one of the following:

  • No eligibility for special education services.
  • Eligibility for special education services based on the determination of a disability.
  • Eligibility for a specialized preschool program will be determined based on individual student needs.

 Little Mustagns Preschool Academy Contacts:

  • Director of Student Services: Lori Cimeno
  • Principal: Carolyn Robbins 
  • LMPA Administrative Assistant: Sherry Sullivan
  • Early Childhood Team Chair: Emily Caille
  • LMPA Special Educators: Teresa AielloKelli Bailey, Kim Beaudet, Keri Fredericks, Laura Tolman, Lauren Grealish, and Lisa MacLean
  • LMPA Occupational Therapist: Jennifer Zack
  • WECC & LMAP Physical Therapist: Seanna Stoddard
  • ABA: Katherine Hannon-Perera
  • Nurse Leader: Jill Driscoll 
  • LMPA School Nurse: Kelley Burke
  • Speech and Language Therapists: Michelle McCarthy, Kathryn Bedard
  • School Psychologist: Stephaine Kershaw

All Preschool Staff can be reached at 781-440-5802 x3600.
To reach staff by email: first initial last name@norwood.k12.ma.us

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