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Alternative School

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Introductory Information

The Alternative School Program is designed for students who have met with difficulty in the mainstream high school setting. The course content follows the established curriculum of the regular education setting, yet does provide differentiated instruction to students.

Entry into the program begins with a referral to guidance through the staff. Each referral is processed through the Alternative School Evaluation Committee. Entrance into the Alternative School Program is optional upon the part of the student. As stated, the Alternative School Program follows an established curriculum and gives those students who have difficulties with the regular Norwood High School setting a better chance to excel in a learning environment better suited to their personal needs.

Department Philosophy

The Philosophy of the Norwood High School Alternative School is straight forward. Every student, no matter what their talents or aspirations, deserves a chance to maximize their academic potential. The Alternative School serves an important purpose; giving students that work better outside of the regular classroom scenario an area to themselves where they can work at their own pace. Essentially the students are given the chance to maximize their own potential academically and socially.


The objectives of the Norwood High School Alternative School are:

  1. For alternative school students to gain a better understanding of their grade levels curriculum.
  2. To provide an environment better-suited to learning for those students who have met with difficulty in the mainstream high school.
  3. To make students of the program aware that school is an essential part of life, and help them to raise their academic standards to a higher level.
  4. To achieve success and gain confidence both academically and socially.
  5. To better prepare students for their next endeavor, whether it is college, community college, trade school or work force.

General Information

The Norwood High School Alternative school is not a separate entity from the high school, nor is it funded by anything different than all other Norwood High School programs. The Alternative school affords all students the same opportunities of those students in the mainstream setting. The alternative classroom student remains an integral part of the entire NHS student body.


The Norwood High School Alternative School's main function is to serve the students of Norwood High School in their goals to reach their total academic potential. It Provides an environment more conducive to learning.

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