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Technology Education

The Technology Education Department achieves its best fit in the Science and Technology Framework within the Strand 3 Technology Portion. Many Science and Technology principals will be made more exciting, understandable and relevant when they are demonstrated by active "hands on" activities that give concrete form to these principals. Technology Education can provide a bridging experience between the abstract principals of the science and the technical/manufacturing experience of the business world. Below are the guiding principals to be followed in achieving the integration of technology Education and Science within the frameworks.

Guiding Principals

Course Levels I & II

  1. Historical development of technology
  2. Study of resources and their management
  3. Manufacturing processes
  4. Application of Math and Science principals to real life
  5. Connection between Science and Technology
  6. The use of basic tools and machines
  7. Emphasis on building, evaluating and using real artifacts

Course Level III & IV

  1. Opportunities to apply learned skills to problem solving
  2. Opportunity to apply critical thinking skills
  3. Using the design process to physically create a product that solves a problem
  4. An understanding of theorganization of manufacturing
  5. An awareness of career options related to acquired technological knowledge

Where We Are

The Middle School has recently modified its "Career Education" curriculum to align itself more closely with the state Science and Technology Framework. A new "Introduction to Technology" course for all students in Grade 7 has been established. This course investigates the six simple machines by designing, building and evaluating both simple and compound machines. A second complementing course dealing with the fundamentals of electricity is also included.

In Grade 8 students are involved in traditional basic woodworking and metalworking courses somewhat similar to the high school offering below.

Currently the Senior High School focus is in the traditional Industrial Arts areas of Wood, Metal, Power Mechanics, Electricity/Electronics, Graphic Arts and Mechanical Drawing. These areas deal with the safe use of tools, materials, and processes related to its own fabrication needs. The current emphasis is "hands on" skill development with formal and informal presentation of related information through lessons, discussions and demonstrations.

Our program has started the transition process to Technology Education. During the last several years computer equipment has expanded our curriculum offering to include CAD, DTP, and Computer Build/Repair offerings.

Where We Want To Go

Our Technology Education department wishes to better reflect the skills and knowledge needed in today's business environment. This will require activities, that provide enhanced student opportunities (interdisciplinary) to utilize critical thinking skills in solving realistic problems within the technical areas. Additional emphasis on the organization and techniques of industry (design process) will be needed to provide an overall picture of the place technology occupies in our society and students lives--- both as consumers and workers. Technology Education should provide realistic applications for science principals.

How to Get There

  • R&D planning--- release time, summer workshops, visits to other schools/conferences
  • Redesign/make over of shop areas to reflect the needs of a major curriculum change--- including quiet instructional area
  • Five year funding plan for appropriate equipment and materials--- including workstations, computers, software site licenses, books, videos etc.
  • Student/teacher scheduling to complement interdisciplinary activities
  • Contacts with business/industry and technical organizations--- guest speakers and field-trips

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