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Health and Physical Education

Wellness Education Program 9-12

The Physical Education and Health Department has traditionally been separate entities at Norwood High School. The restructured Wellness Education program has been designed to support the academic mission of the school, as well as the lifelong health and well-being of our students. Our nation's youth are currently experiencing a health crisis of epidemic proportions. Individuals who are overweight or obese have an increased risk of developing such chronic diseases as Type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, as well as several forms of cancer. The objective of the Wellness Education program is to enhance learning through student awareness and appreciation for lifestyles that are based on healthy attitudes and actions.

The new Norwood High School Wellness Education Program is similar to effective programs in the traditional academic disciplines. There will now be a balance of physical education 50% and health education 50% of the time. It includes a planned, sequential program that integrates health and physical education and all the concepts for a variety of interactive wellness initiatives for all students. It is aligned with the state frameworks and the national standards by which all wellness programs abide. The Norwood Public Schools Wellness Education Program has been designed to enhance students' development of the knowledge, growth, skills and lifetime behaviors that are necessary for lifelong learning and personal well-being. The intent of this approach is to build healthy decision making skills, critical thinking skills and resiliency, which in turn will lead to active healthy individuals and community members for the future.

Wellness Wheel Components used at Norwood High School

Pie Chart


Theme: Foundations for Wellness
Wellness Component Focus: Physical, Emotional, Social

Health Focus: Goal Setting, Social Norms/Self-Management, Healthy Decision Making,
Interpersonal Communication/Advocating, Anger Management, Conflict Resolution,
Maslow’s Hierarchy, Flight or Fight-Understanding Physiology, Refusal Skills, Suicide
Prevention, Violence in Relationships, Teen Dating Violence, Growth and Development – Reproductive Systems, and Human Sexuality

Physical Education Focus: Lifetime Fitness
Fit For Life: Capture the Flag, Ultimate Frisbee, Cross Fit, Adventure Fitness, Golf
Team Fitness: Basketball, Tennis, Soccer, Floor Hockey, Flag Football, Gym Games


Theme: Teens on Target
Wellness Component Focus:  Emotional, Intellectual, and Environmental

Health Focus: Nutrition,  Multi-drug use and the effects on the body, Stages of addiction and overdose, Identification of physical fitness and the psychological, social and emotional benefits, Concepts of Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems, Disease Prevention, Growth and Development – stages of pregnancy and developmental stages of child development, Mental Health

Physical Education Focus: Leadership
Exciting Explorations: Project Adventure, Orienteering, Healthy Habit Exercise Routines, Yoga
Life Lessons: Cardio Fitness, Circuit Training, Zumba, Ball Room Dance, Volleyball, Olympic                


Theme: Making a Change
Wellness Component Focus:  Health - Emotional, Intellectual, Social, and Environmental

Health Focus: Healthy Intimate Relationships, Pregnancy, Sexually Transmitted Infections - Risks and Consequences, Cancer and Environment, Substance Abuse, Body Image, Values Around Alcohol, Drinking Driving and Distractions, Disease Prevention and Control,Sport Injury

Physical Education Focus: Teamwork and Character
Net-Tastick: Badminton, Pickleball, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Tennis
Cardio and Core: Pilates, Slimnastics, Aerobics, Zumba, Station Training
World Games: Rugby, World Cup Soccer, Irish Football, Polish Horseshoes, Bocce


Theme: Real World
Wellness Component Focus: Physical, Spiritual, Social,Vocational

Health Focus: Stress Management, Mental Illness and Mental Health Disorders, Suicide Prevention, Addictions and Treatment, Cardiovascular Disease, First Aid CPR and AED Training, Real World Transition, Vocational Guest Speakers

Physical Education Focus: Spirit Mind and Body
Too Fit to Quit: Strength Training, Core and More, Spin, Endurance Days
Spirit, Mind and Body: Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditation, Snowshoeing, Walking, Bowling, Horseshoes
Move For Fun: Floor Hockey, Basketball, Badminton, Handball, Softball, Volleyball, Rugby

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