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Boy Eating GoodBreakfast is the most important meal of the day! Enjoy watching this terrific PowerPoint slideshow by Callahan School nurse Maureen Gearty, RN to discover all the great things about breakfast!  Breakfast slideshow

Making great food choices for lunch, dinner and snacks is important too. To become an expert at Reading food labels click on the link to watch a 5 minute lesson from a dietitian.

To learn more about how much food and which types of foods your child needs every day look at these recommendations from the Mayo Clinic. Be sure to scroll down to see the recommendations for each age group for both boys and girls!

Staying active and using up the energy a healthy diet creates is important as well. Enjoy this Activity slide show that offers lots of great ideas for keeping your whole family active and fit.

If your child is struggling with issues of underweight or overweight it is important to discuss your concerns with your child's doctor or a registered dietitian. Children are not small adults, supplements and diet plans should be carefully supervised. The Norwood Hospital's Nutrition and Wellness Clinic (781-278-6907 ext. 12134) is another great local resource.

Finally, there are lots of good nutrition resources, recipes, games for children and suggestions on the internet. You might enjoy visiting the Good4Growth website.

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