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School Health Services & Screenings

There is a registered nurse in each of the Norwood Public Schools, there is an additional half-time registered nurse at the Coakley Middle School and Norwood Senior High School. School physician Dr. Bruce Weinstock oversees the school health services programs and consults with the school nurses as needed.

On a daily basis the school nurses:

  1. Insure that the Norwood Public Schools are in compliance with Massachusetts General Laws mandating that student's immunizations are up to date; and that students have physical examinations in grades 1, 4, 7, 10 and before participating in any high school athletic programs. 
  2. Provide skilled nursing care, health assessment, management and counselling for chronic, acute and emergency health concerns of students, families and staff. 
  3. Administer and monitor responses to physician ordered medications that must be given to students during the school day.
  4. Act as a resource for health education, information and referrals for staff, parents and students.

Health Screenings

  1. All students in grades K-5, 7 & 9 are screened annually for vision and hearing problems. Parents/guardians whose children do not pass the vision or hearing screenings will be notified by the nurse. In collaboration with the Norwood Board of Health an Eye Clinic is available offering standard eye testing by Dr. Steven Sharma, OD. The cost of the Eye Clinic is $0.50 (fifty cents). Appointments must be made through the school nurse. 
  2. Students in grades 5-9 are screened annually for the purpose of early identification of postural problems. This is a State mandated screening. Parents/guardians and students will be notified of the screening dates. Parents/guardians will be notified of any unusual findings and asked to have their child examined by a physician.  
  3. Students in grades 1, 4, 7 and 10 are weighed and measured. This is a State mandated screening. A report of the students' BMI and calculated percentile is reported to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. Parents/guardians will be notified of the screening dates. Results are not sent home but parents/guardians may contact the school nurse for the results of their child's screening.
  4. Dental screening by school dentist Dr. Mark Stone is offered to students in grades 1-6 each fall. Reports of the screening are mailed to parents referring students to the School Dental Clinic or their private dentist for cleaning and sealants. The School Dental Clinic located in the Board of Health at Norwood Town Hall charges $1.00 for cleaning and $1.00 per tooth for sealants. Establishing appointments and scheduling transportation is part of this screening program.

Parents/legal guardians who do not wish their child to participate in some or all screenings at school must notify the school nurse of this request in writing. In the case of state mandated screenings (vision, hearing, postural and BMI) a report documenting a physician’s examination must be provided.

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