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Against Slavery

In the NHS Library

  • African-Americans in Boston: More than 350 Years by Robert C. Hayden 
    Concise about the history of African-Americans in Boston. Good map of the Black Heritage Trail. 
    974.4 HAY
  • American Creation: Triumphs and Tragedies at the Founding of the Republic* by Joseph J. Ellis
    Excellent examination of what did and didn't happen at the beginning of this land. "The darkest shadow is unquestionably slavery, the failure to end it, or at least to adopt a gradual emancipation scheme that put it on the road to extinction." Looks at the John Adams plan vs Thomas Paine's ideas, and offers explanations as to why slavery was allowed.
    973.3  ELL
  • The Atlantic Slave Trade by Johannes Postma
    The opening sentence in the Preface prepares the reader to relook at preconceived ideas of slavery in America.  "The slave trade from Africa to the Americas was the larges forced migration in human history." This book examines in detail the people taken as slaves and the experiences they endured. The book has an extensive timeline and bibliography.  
    306.3  POS 
  • The Civil War* by Geoffrey C. Ward with Ric and Ken Burns 
    Outstanding photography. Well written presentation of the atmosphere and happenings in the country and in specific areas. Discusses the work of the abolitionists, the effect of Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin or, Life Among the Lowly and the final steps leading to the Civil War. DVD also available. 
    973.7 WAR
  • Coming to America: A History of Immigration and Ethnicity in American Life by Roger Daniels 
    has an excellent chapter "Slavery and Immigrants from Africa"  that provides background about countries (areas) in Africa during the relevant time period and a statistical chart of "slave imports." Very much get a sense of the people involved and effected. 
    305.8 DAN
  • Encyclopedia of North American History, V. 1,  V. 8  
    V. 1 Abolitionist Movement section provides excellent coverage of the history of slavery in the colonies. Well-written with good bullet points. Discusses the Anti-Slavery Society, opposing ideas in the abolitionist movement, profiles a number of abolitionists including William Lloyd Harrison and Frederick Douglass. 
    REF  970.003 ENC  V.1

    V. 8 The section "Slavery in the Americas" offers a concise history of the beginning of slavery in the Americas, and more specifically in the colonies. Clarifies some rights, or lack of, for slaves and gives a good overview of the steps finally leading to ratification of the Thirteenth Amendment.
    REF 970.003  ENC  V. 8
  • Lincoln in His Own Words*  edited by Milton Meltzer, illustrated by Stepehn Acorn
    A beautiful book with an excellent section of brief profiles which includes a number of abolitionists.Presents Lincoln's speeches or parts of speeches and places them in historical context. This is a history of Lincoln the person and the history of his political role in the country.  
    973.7092 LIN
  • There Is A River: The Black Struggle for Freedom in America by Vincent Harding
    Documents the history of African Americans in this country and their commitment to gaining freedom. As described by E. D. Genovese "A searing reinterpretation of the historic struggle of Afro-Americans for their liberation and for the realization of their destiny." Looks at the contradictions of the struggles leading to the American Revolution and the legal institution of slavery. An hardhitting and  sophisticated, indepth examination of African-Americans, slavery, the human condition and courage.
    323.1 HAR
  • The Time of Slavery by Elizabeth Sirimarco
    Excellent photographs. The first person accounts bring the reality of slavery to the reader. History of the journey, the conditions, the laws, Well-written and in a larger print format.
    306.3 SIR

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