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Spanish 5 Honors/College Summer Work

Name: ____________________               Subject: Spanish 5 

Teacher Name: Señora Kelley

Aula: 274


Cuban Flag


Investigation: Internet activity:

At times we need to understand the story and the history behind a move in order to appreciate the situation and the emotions expressed in the film. This is especially true about films that take place in a country which has been isolated from our own country. Up until this past year 2016 Cuba has been isolated from the U.S. for about a half of CENTURY!!


You should research ALL of the following people,

Utiliza los siguientes enlaces e identifica los personajes, lugares, y eventos para ganar un mejor entendimiento sobre la historia y la cultura de Cuba. ¿Cómo ha influido este evento el desarrollo del país? ¿Cuál es su importancia hoy en la actualidad? Prepara una presentación para la clase en forma de un PowerPoint o Página Web con tus conclusiones.

(Use the following links to identify key information about the people of Cuba, places, and events to gain a better understanding of the history and the culture of Cuba. How has this person/place/event influenced the development of the country? What is its real significance today? Prepare a presentation for the class in Spanish in the form of a PowerPoint, Newsletter or Web Page with your findings.)


You should research the following people, places, and events about Cuba. Para las personas, no te olvides identificar lo siguiente también: ¿Cuando nacieron? ¿Por qué es/era importante? Para los lugares e eventos: ¿Cómo ha influido este lugar o evento el desarrollo del país? ¿Cuál es su importancia hoy en la actualidad? (Even though you need to research all of the following – YOU WILL ONLY CHOOSE ONE PERSON OR TOPIC TO PRESENT)

  1. Fulgencio Batista
  2. Fidel Castro
  3. Che Guevara
  4. Dizzy Gillespie
  5. José Martí
  6. Arturo Sandoval
  7. La Habana/ La Havana
  8. Guantánamo
  9. Cuban Revolution - ¿En qué año...? ¿Contra quiénes...? ¿Qué clase de gobierno se estableció?

You should manage your time wisely over the summer as you will have a lot of research to do on each of the topics. By the end of beginning of August you should have already completed most of your research and be planning your presentation. Please see PowerPoint / Web Page Planning Graphic organizer to help you. You multimedia project needs to be completed by the time you return to school along with your reflection of your work emailed to me (see below).(Even though you need to research all of the following – YOU WILL ONLY CHOOSE ONE PERSON OR TOPIC TO PRESENT.)

You will do your oral presentation the first day of class.

Resources: (suggested – you may use credible sites)


See Señora Kelley's School Website for your multimedia presentation rubric; however it is also included in this packet as the last page for your convenience. (http://www.norwood.k12.ma.us/nhs/teachers.php)


Effective Web Quests have a built in mechanism for student reflections. To receive feedback, I would like each of you to e-mail me sharing your thoughts about your web quest experience. PLEASE EMAIL ME NO LATER THAN AUGUST 27th FOR A “WHOLE” GRADE.

Planning Your Power Point or Web Page/Site

Slide/PAGE  (Minimum of 10 Slides)
Title: _______________________________________
Información Importante: _________________________________
Graphics: ____________________________________

  • ¿Quién o Qué es/era? 
  • ¿Cuándo nació/occurió/empezó?
  • ¿Por qué es/era importante? 
  • ¿Cuál es su importancia hoy en la actualidad?
  • Haz una descripción del …Cómo ha influido este lugar/evento o persona el desarrollo del país?
  • algo interesante/diferente que encontraste sobre su sujeto
  • Una bibliografía
  • Graphics: I got  ________________ from ___
  • Link:
  • Description:

MUST DO: Did you email Mrs. Kelley Your Reflection by the 27th of August?????

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