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Immigration West

Immigrants in the West - Making the Connections

Essential questions:

  • Who went West and why?
  • In what ways were immigrants' lives better in the West?
  • In what ways were immigrants' lives worse in the West? 
  • Who decides what happens to people under U.S. law?
  • How are decisions made effecting immigrant groups under federal law?
  • How are decisions made effecting immigrant groups under state law?
  • When and why would federal laws and state laws be in conflict?
  • According to the law who is a citizen?
  • Who do you think should be a citizen?
  • Who do you think shouldn'e be a citizen?
  • What makes someone a citizen?

Milestone Documents

See an ecopy of the original document and then select to the transcribed version. Why is each document included? Chart a chronological map of the United States documents, laws and actions in relationship to the effect on immigrants.

Defend the United States policies in regards to immigration. If the policies change, explain why using primary sources and examples from your reading. 

Select one policy you agree/or disagree with and present your reasoning as a candidate running for office. 

Make a GLOG that utilizes source material, including photographs, original artwork, photography, film, etc. that you and your group have created. Consider your presentation and the purpose of the GLOG. Is it to convince? Explain? Present? 

Create original characters based on immigrants' history and write a theatrical presentation of at least 20 minutes. You may utilize costume, makeup, props, music, projected background, etc. Be sure it is clear to you and the members of the group what the purpose is of your play. Consider creating tableaus using the members of your group as a starting point.

The History of Immigrants from Mexico

Explain the reasons why Mexican immigrants came to America. Using three newspaper accounts from Historic American Newspapers - Chronicling America, Library of Congress, write a letter to the editor de-fending your position about the Mexican immigrants. Use primary source material to clarify your position. 

Databases - Historical Perspective

ELibrary History Study Center 
Excellent information in an user-friendly format.

U.S. History in Context*

World Book Online logoWorld Book online
World Book Online can fulfill many research needs. And, of course, many people simply like to explore World Book, letting one topic lead them to another. Three levels and available in Spanish. At home login: username: data password: base

Databases - Immigrants in the United States Today

SIRS Issues Researcher¬†logoSIRS Issues Researcher 
Outstanding research database covering  a multitude of topics with included research and study tools included. Also, Top Ten Issues, That's Debatable, Today's News, and more.
To access this database at home, please see the Library Staff for the username and password.

Great Websites

  • American History
    "Multnomah County Library is the oldest public library west of the Mississippi, with a history that reaches back to 1864."  This website is arranged chronologically and provides an excellent index and annotated sites list.

This site provides information using PDF, visit this link to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC software.