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Children's Games in Ancient Rome

Roman Families
The oldest male in a Roman family was in charge. He told women, children, and slaves what to do. But, the mother often made most of the decisions at home about how to spend money and raise the children. If
the family had money, the children went to school and slaves did the chores. Poor children often went to work and not school. Ancient Romans didn't have pasta or potatoes. They ate bread and beans. Rich people had lots of different foods and wore jewelry. Children also had toys, and played with things like marbles, dolls, and toy horses.
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Ancient Roman Toys

Roman Games - Ancient Rome

Roman Dice Games - Ancient Rome

Gaming Board from the collection of the Hunterian Museum
Roman gaming board from Scotland
This object from the collection of the Hunterian Museum was chosen, and written about, by Dione Reid, honours student, ...Contributed by Museum

The Romans - Children's Games

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