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Death Penalty

General Websites

Death Penalty Information Center
An outstanding site providing fact sheets, statistics,
state by state information.

Death Penalty Overview | LII/ Legal Information Institute
From Cornell University law School a site that offers legal background
information about the death penalty in the U.S. Excellent site.

Justice for All Act - Office for Victims of Crime Fact Sheet

NHS Library Databases

Opposing Viewpoints
Just key in Capital Punishment. So much information here.

SIRS Knowledge Source
Check out the Top Ten Pro vs Con -
Capital Punishment.
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Websites from the Destiny Online Catalog

Death Penalty Project 

Cornell Law School sponsors the Cornell Death Penalty Project, an opportunity for law students to assist in the defense of defendants who might face the death penalty. Students also take part in the appeals process. The Cornell Death Penalty Project also conducts empirical research concerning the death penalty. The Project does not take a specific stand for or against the death penalty, but simply urges caution and care to avoid arbitrary discrimination and mistakes. A mistake in the process is irreparable. Examine several cases where the Supreme Court reversed a death penalty decision in the lower courts.

Topic: Capital punishment  URL: http://www.lawschool.cornell.edu

Abolish the Death Penalty 

Amnesty International wants to see the death penalty abolished in countries around the world. Most countries have already abolished capital punishment. In the 58 countries where it is still legal, most don't actually execute criminals. A violation of the right to life, the death penalty is a cruel and inhumane punishment. Amnesty believes it should never be used, regardless of the crime or methods. China leads the world in executions, followed by Iran. Illinois and New Mexico recently joined the list of states to abolish the death penalty but 34 states still allow it.

Topic: Capital punishment   http://www.amnesty.org

Capital Punishment 

The American Civil Liberties Union believes capital punishment is "the ultimate denial of civil liberties." They want to end the death penalty, and reform the process that leads to this fundamentally flawed quest for justice. Capital punishment is arbitrary and undermines a fair American justice system. From public education to systemic litigation, the Capital Punishment Project is taking steps to reform and repeal the death penalty. Learn about the progress they have made in Illinois and some cases where justice was denied in Texas. Discover how some states have gone to extreme lengths in order to obtain lethal drugs.

Topic: Capital punishment, Capital punishment--United States


Angel on Death Row 

A Frontline reporter explains how the character in a movie was based on the crimes of two Louisiana men and he describes exactly what happened in both cases. Angel on Death Row also presents you with the newspaper articles that were written about these two men and provides interviews with four of the people who were involved in the real cases as well. You will hear the stories of a victim's mother, a victim, an author, and an investigator. Articles that examine the pros and cons of the death penalty can be found as well.
Topic: Capital punishment, Capital punishment--United States


Executions in the United States 

The Death Penalty Information Center provides current information on recent and upcoming executions in the United States. Find out which criminals were executed this year for their crimes and which are scheduled for execution. The 35 states that allow the death penalty all use lethal injections for executions. Most use a three-drug combination. Investigate which states have recently abolished the death penalty. A searchable database allows you to find information on executions since 1977. A few states still allow executions by electrocution, gas chamber, hanging, or firing squad. Examine the events of 43 executions that didn't go as planned.
Topic: Capital punishment, Capital punishment-United States 

Conservative Versus Liberal Beliefs 

People are categorized into groups according to their political beliefs. Some people are considered conservatives and some are considered liberals. This informative resource helps you understand what it is that makes a person either conservative or liberal. A general description of each is provided at the top of the page and allows you to interpret the differences between the two groups. More specific differences can be found in a chart that lists each group's beliefs on some major issues. You will find out what each group believes about health care, gun control, the death penalty, and religion to name a few.
Topic: Conservatism, Liberalism, Right and left (Political science)  http://www.studentnewsdaily.com