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Historia Antiqua - Roman Military

Roman Uniform and Armor

All Roman soldiers wore helmets and armor to protect them during battle. The back of the helmet had an elongated bill to protect the neck from sword strikes. On the front of the helmet was another rim located about three inches above the first to protect the forehead. It was designed to ward off sword blows from cutting into the helmet and causing a head injury. Notice the ears were exposed so the soldier could hear, and the metal cheek flaps protecting the sides of the face.
Topic: Armor Language: English Lexile: 990

A Glimpse of Teenage Life in Ancient Rome - Ray Laurence
Lucius Popidius Secundus is a teenager living in Ancient Rome. His brother gets a new toga and hangs up
his protective amulet at the age of 15 to symbolize surviving childhood. Lucius is almost done with his edu-
cation. He learned to write in Latin and Greek, give public speeches, run, swim, and fight. He is old enough
to lead a military charge at 17, but not arrange business deals until age 25. His father will arrange a marriage
to a girl who is still a child.
Topic: Rome--Ancient history Language: English Lexile: 1250  Video http://ed.ted.com

Roman Army Gallery

Beyond its architectural value, Trajan's Column remains a treasured artifact for its depiction of Roman emperor
Trajan's Dacian Wars (101-102 A.D. and 105-106 A.D.). A photograph of the column's detail is included at the
top of this page, followed by a description of the column itself, erected in 112 A.D. Read about the dimensions
of Trajan's column, and its enormous wealth of sculptural detail. Another artifact of Trajan's victory over Dacia,
the Trophy of Trajan (Tropaeum Traiani) is also summarized.
Topic: Trajan's Column (Rome, Italy)  Language: English  Lexile: 1380  http://www.bbc.co.uk

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