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Garbage Bag Kite


You will need a plastic bag, string, two sticks, scissors and ribbon.

Making the kite frame

1. Take the two sticks (garden stakes, dowels, etc.) and tie them together with a piece of string. The cross stick should be tied about one-third (1/3) of the way down  along the main stick.  


2. Wrap the string around the back of the main stick and cross the string across the front of the cross stick.


3. Then wrap the ends of the string around the back of the main stick  and make a single knot.

4. Next wrap each end of the string one around either side of the front of the cross stick and then back again around the back of the main stick.

5.  Make a double knot and the frame is done.

Making the sail

1. Cut the garbage bag to fit the frame of the kite.

2. Tie the ends of the sail to the wood frame. Keep the knots tight, and you won't need glue or tape.

3.  Attach the flying string by tying a piece of string from one side of the cross stick to the other, leaving slack to form a triangle as shown in the photo.

4.  Now tie the end of a big ball of string to the bottom portion of the main stick, loop under the slack
cross-string and tie a simple knot at the intersection of the two strings so it forms a triangular pyramid shape.


5.  Attach a tail for balance  by tying ribbons to the end of the kite to help balance it. You can even attach a small weight, like a washer, if the ribbons don't seem hefty enough for your kite.

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A Simple Paper Kite

Step 1. Fold paper Fold the paper in half so the shorter sides meet. Set the paper on your work surface so that the fold is at the bottom.

Quick Tip: If you want a fancier kite, use crayons or markers to decorate the paper before you fold it.

Step 2. Measure & mark Use your ruler to measure 2 ½ inches from one end of the folded edge and put a pencil mark there.

Step 3. Measure & mark again Measure another 2 ½ inches from the first mark and put another pencil mark there.

Step 4. Bend one layer Taking the top corner nearest to the first mark, bend down one layer of the paper to the folded edge where you made the first mark. But don’t crease it.

Step 5. Bend other layer Holding the folded-down corner in place, pick up the paper and bend the other top layer down in the opposite direction so that it’s even with the first corner.

Step 6. Staple corners Staple the folded corners in place.

Step 7. Punch hole Punch a hole where you made the second mark.

Step 8. Loop string & knot Loop one end of your kite string through the hole and knot it tightly.As soon as a good breeze kicks up, your kite will be ready to take off!

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You will need

  • A sheet of 8 1/2" x 11" paper
  • A ruler
  • A pencil
  • A stapler
  • A hole punch
  • And some kite string or another sturdy string
  • like twine
  • Some crayons or markers (optional)

Two-Step Kite


  • A roll of clear contact paper
  • A ball of string
  • Straws (two for the width, three for the length)
  • Scissors to cut out tissue paper shapes
  • Ribbon

STEP 1: Tie straws together at the center with string. Cut contact paper into two diamond shapes; peel backing off one and place sticky side up. Press straws onto paper.

STEP 2: Stick tissue paper shapes all over, then top with second diamond sheet. Loop string around each corner, then tie them together for the bridle. Add a ribbon tail.

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Tetrahedral Kite


  • Scissors
  • Ballpoint pen
  • 60 long, straight drinking straws
  • Kite string
  • Needle (big eye)
  • File folder or poster board
  • Plastic bags
  • Cellophane tape
  • Dowel, 1/8 inch diameter

Step 1: Cut a piece of string eight times as long as the length of a straw, and thread the needle with the string.

Step 2:  String three straws together. Tie into a triangle using a square knot. Leave a 2-inch end.

Step 3: String two more straws on the long string. Tie to one of the triangle’s corners using a double half hitch.  Cut the string leaving a 2-inch end. Keep remaining string for later.

Step 4: Make a pattern by tracing both triangles onto the file folder or poster board. Draw a 1-inch flap along the side of each straw.  Cut out
and save for step 6. Tie remaining string to left or right corner in figure above.

Step 5:  Thread a sixth straw with leftover string. Tie the string to the opposite corner, creating a three-dimensional figure. You now have the frame of one cell.

Step 6: Trace the pattern onto the plastic bag, and cut along the lines.

Step 7: Lay the frame on the plastic, and tape in place and

Step 8: Make nine more cells.

Step 9: Tie cells together with the ends of the strings. Be sure the leading edges face the same way!

Step 10: Slide the dowel through the straws in the leading edge and cut excess. Put tape over each end of the dowel to keep it from sliding out.


  1. Tape the dowel in place at the areas marked by arrows above.
  2. Cut string 1 1/2 times as long as the leading edge.
  3. Thread string on a needle. Sew ends of string through plastic around the dowel.
  4. Tie an overhand knot one-third down from the top.
  5. Tie your flying string to the knot, and launch your kite.

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