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The Dante Club - Literary Figures

The Dante Club

Literary Figures

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Nathaniel Hawthorne

Oliver Wendell Holmes

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

James Russell Lowell

Alfred Lord Tennyson

Henry David Thoreau

For each literary figure:

1. Biography timeline (personal and professional)

2. Two poems OR essay OR short story excerpt

Possible websites: classicauthors.net, poets.org

Make sure to list your sources

General Sites

poets.org Poets and Poetry

www.poetryfoundation.org/ The Poetry Foundation


Ralph Waldo Emerson 

This site is dedicated to the philosophy of transcendentalism. Although there have been many authors on this subject there has probably not been a writer that has so profoundly influenced American thought as Ralph Waldo Emerson. Emerson urged independent thinking and stressed that not all life's answers are found in books. This page has a complete listing of Emerson's works, in order by year written, with links to electronic text versions of them. There is a version the Conduct of Life, which is divided by subject. The first chapter on fate is a web study text that includes questions and commentaries to aide in you understanding of the text.

Topic: Transcendentalism (New England), Emerson, Ralph Waldo,--1803-1882

URL: http://www.vcu.edu



The Transcendentalism movement is thoroughly explored in this philosophical encyclopedia article. Following an overview that describes this movement and its affiliated writers you will find a section that discusses what is known about the origins of the Transcendentalism movement, the major influences and ideas, and the characteristics that defined the movement. Another section provides information on particular writers and pieces of work that were influential. Information on the social and political criticism of the Transcendentalism movement is provided as well.

Topic: Transcendentalism (New England)

URL: http://plato.stanford.edu


American Transcendentalism 

This resource explores the literary time period when Transcendentalism was prominent. It first offers you a detailed overview of this important historical movement. This information is followed by a selection of definitions that try to define exactly what Transcendentalism is. You will also find a list of sources that were said to have influenced Transcendentalism, a large selection of Emerson's ideas related to Transcendentalism, and examples of the controversy that emerged due to the work of Transcendentalists.

Topic: Transcendentalism (New England)

URL: http://www.wsu.edu

Henry David Thoreau 

A biography about Henry David Thoreau from the American Transcendentalism web site discusses the life and works of this important American writer and philosopher. Read about Thoreau's relationship with his brother and see what types of jobs he did. Learn about the time he spent at Walden reading, writing and enjoying nature. Find out about Thoreau's views on slavery and on civil disobedience. There are several lists with links to additional information about Thoreau, as well as links to criticism about his works.

Topic: Transcendentalism (New England), Thoreau, Henry David,--1817-1862

URL: http://www.vcu.edu

The Thoreau Reader 

This is a project in cooperation with the Thoreau Society. Learn about the works of Henry David Thoreau. Read a brief introduction to the works of Thoreau. A section on Walden contains information on the 1845 experiment in living well that includes annotated text, photos, and links to other Walden pages. Also, learn about his other books and essays. They include The Maine Woods and Civil Disobedience. A large section on more about this man has a wide variety of info.

Topic: Thoreau, Henry David,--1817-1862

URL: http://eserver.org


Henry Wadsworth Longfellow -- 1807-1882 

The Poetry Foundation web site calls Henry Wadsworth Longfellow the most widely known and best-loved American poets of his time. Under the biography tab at this site there is information about Longfellow and his remarkably productive and influential literary career. Read about his childhood, education and his involvement in literary societies. Discover how Longfellow was rescued from attending law school, why he was frustrated with teaching college and how his beloved first wife died. The second tab provides access to Longfellow's poems, articles about him and audio clips.

Topic: Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth,--1807-1882, American poets--Biography, American poetry

URL: http://www.poetryfoundation.org

Oliver Wendell Holmes MD 1809-94 and the Logic of Medicine 

His wit and poetry did not contribute to his practice as a physician but did make him an important part of American literature. Oliver Wendell Holmes taught medical students at Harvard Medical School in the 19th century. He described the logic of medicine that he learned in Paris. Holmes compared the value and consequences of treatment compared to further testing or doing nothing. Testing is based on accuracy, cost, non-invasiveness, and impact on treatment. Treatment is based on probability of disease, effectiveness, cost, and risk. Read Holmes' ballad about the stethoscope.

Topic: Holmes, Oliver Wendell,--1809-1894

URL: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov


Alfred Tennyson, 1809-1892 

For a broad range of information about poet Alfred Tennyson, visit this online exhibit created in honor of Tennyson's centenary in 1992. Information is divided into segments called islands. The first island discusses Tennyson's first book and other of his early works. The next islands discuss his pubic recognition, his major religious poem and his Arthurian epic. Each island has drawings, photographs, and documents for viewing. The texts of several of his poems are included.

Topic: Tennyson, Alfred Tennyson,--Baron,--1809-1892

URL: http://www.sc.edu

Alfred Lord Tennyson 

Visit this web site and obtain a comprehensive view of the famous English poet Alfred Tennyson. Discover the impact that he made on the literature and society of his time. View his many works and the visual arts of that era. Also offered is an overview of the politic history of the time as well as the sciences. This site is an excellent tool for a research project with links that offer even more information to related topics.

Topic: Tennyson, Alfred Tennyson,--Baron,--1809-1892

URL: http://www.victorianweb.org

Biographical Information Relating to Nathaniel Hawthorne: Introduction 

Here is a great place to research the American author Nathaniel Hawthorne. The information featured on this site is very detailed, taking you through the events of his entire life. The opening page is an introduction that gives you a brief overview. The links at the left will take you to more detailed information about his early life, adult life and literary career. There you will learn about his childhood, family, career and much more.

Topic: Hawthorne, Nathaniel,--1804-1864

URL: http://www.hawthorneinsalem.com


The Wayside (Author's Home) 

Come and explore the Wayside home in Concord, Massachusetts and learn more about the authors who have called this place home. Read biographies about a few nineteenth century authors and learn more about their lives and work they had done while living there. View a timeline of the home's history to learn about the most significant periods of its existence and what authors had an influence on it.

Topic: American authors--1800-1899 (19th century)--Biography

URL: http://www.cr.nps.gov